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Story of Jessica May Broyles

Jessica has always been an avid reader so it was no surprise when she decided to write short stories. After doing that for a number of years, she decided to take the leap and write her first book titled The Nested Charmer, A Matryoshka's Hidden Legacy. It was published in 2020. Then in 2023, she realized she had accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge in raising and training dogs. That was when she wrote and published her first non-fiction book titled The Canine Cure: A Practical Guide to Breaking Your Dog's Bad Habits. Recently, she wrote the sequel in the Matryoshka Hidden Legacy Series titled Charmed Echoes. It was released on January 4th 2024.


Jessica has found she is happiest when putting words to paper. Each morning she sits down to work on her writing projects whether it be a short story, a non-fiction topic, or the third and final book in the Matryoshka Hidden Legacy Series. It will take place in Alaska where it all began. Be on the lookout for it in 2025. She also plans to compile many of her short stories into an anthology which she will publish in 2024.

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